We’re not the only ones watching events in Egypt…

Turmoil in Egypt is the biggest international news story in the US in 4 years

Events in Egypt and the wider Middle East last week constituted the biggest international story in the US in the past four years, according to Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism News Coverage Index. Making up 56% of the ‘newshole,’ turmoil in the Middle East was “easily” the biggest overseas story in a week since Pew started the index in January 2007, and was in fact the fourth biggest story of any kind, behind the 2008 presidential election campaign and last month’s Tucson shooting.

The Middle East story was most prominent on cable news, where it accounted for 76% of coverage, but even in newspapers it made up 44% of news and online just over half, at 51%. The blizzard in the American Midwest was the second biggest story, but this only attracted 8% of coverage…

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