We are the 99%

Have you been following the protests on Wall Street and now across the country? Coverage was slight until numbers grew and the protest slogan gained traction. How is this event viewed abroad? Here’s a PRI World story on how Arab bloggers perceive the demonstrations.  A Guardian story examines action by the police. Have you discovered other “takes” on this ongoing protest? And, back at home, download a PDF of the first issue of the “Occupied Wall Street Journal.”


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One Response to We are the 99%

  1. I know this is a little on the late side, but I was downtown in Nashville at Legislative plaza during the weekend of fall break for the Southern Festival of Books and I got some video footage of the protest march… I thought I should share it. There were mothers with children that were sitting on the steps leading to 6th St that had been sitting there for HOURS! There were hundreds of cardboard signs and tents and sleeping bags and people gathering in groups around a guitar player and singing along to symbolize the unity in their cause. The Saturday afternoon march could be heard all over Nashville lead by a “robot” decorated with “We are the 99% and so are YOU!”

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