Extra credit opportunities

As discussed in class earlier, you will be offered a few opportunities to improve your grades in this class if you need the extra credit to pull your grade up. You can attempt both the assignments mentioned below, each of which can give you up to ten points.

  1. Interview an individual who is from a different country. They don’t have to be a student but keep in mind that the person cannot be a U.S. citizen who has lived abroad.  This has to be a three-to-five page paper, (12 pt., double-spaced) where you get a little bit of their background (introduce them) and compare their media habits in their country vs. ours and what they think of the US media.

2.   Watch any two of the four Chinese films and write a two-page review on each. (5 points for each of two reviews).

October 21 “A Simple Life” (2011)

This multiple award-winning film from director Ann Hui earned the praise of critics around the world for its tender insight into the relationship between a successful Hong Kong movie producer and a lifelong servant of his family after she suffers a stroke.

October 28 “If You Are The One” (2010)

Chin is a lonely middle-aged bachelor and self-made entrepreneur. He resorts to a personal ad as he hopes to find the right person. This film depicts how difficult it often is to find the right person, but also the realization that love can come at unexpected times.

November 4 “Not One Less”(2000)

Zhang Yimou, China’s most noted director, tells the story of a remote Chinese village which loses its only teacher for a month. There is no one to take over except 13-year old Wei Minzhi, who must ensure that every student attends before she can earn a bonus. This cast of non-actors and real settings won awards and critical praise around the world

November 11 “Examination 1977”(2009)

Set at the close of the Cultural Revolution, Examination 1977 tells the story of a group of young idealists battling for the right to return home and restart their lives after years of toil on a state run re-education farm in China.

Screenings begin promptly at 6 p.m. with discussion following. Discussion leader for this series is Chan Chen, a Master’s of Mass Communication candidate

All screenings are in Mass Communication Room 103

IMPORTANT – You have TWO other ways to improve your grade. One is to do well on your final paper. Please think about topics that may be of interest to you and discuss it with us so that you can get our feedback on it. Another is to pay attention to your blog posts and make sure you post once a week.


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