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On the digital divide: the child-driven education

As we talk about digital “haves” and “have-nots,” this Ted talk explores the researcher’s experiment with children in Indian villages who had never encountered a computer.

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Kenyan Paper Faces Backlash over Image

After a horrible attack in a Kenyan mall over the weekend, the Daily Nation created a worldwide uproar by running this picture on the front page. BuzzFeed has a collection of some of the tweets, thoughts, and responses from this issue. … Continue reading

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When cultural products travel, sometimes they wear strange pants…

SpongeBob – Egypt’s #1 Ramadan lantern for two years in a row. We will talk later in the semester at the many different forms cultural products assume as they travel, so I wanted to point you to a recent example … Continue reading

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How to hyperlink

For more information about hyperlinks, look here.

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How Al Jazeera America Reported the Conflict in Syria

Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has this information about how Al Jazeera America covered “it’s first major story.”  

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A look at the headlines

This is media effects in action. Sometimes the best examples aren’t from a textbook. Poynter complied this collection of Tuesday’s headlines from Newseum. Some things to consider: How is the Navy Yard shooting being framed here? What’s being left out? … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel pranks the media

Jimmy Kimmel gets the last laugh. While we might be tempted to laugh along, realize that this late-night talk show host has exposed a huge challenge that participatory media brings to the table. Watch:  

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