Twenty years after a mission in Somalia

We’ve just finished Dying to tell the Story about Dan Eldon. Today’s interview with
Tina Brown on Morning Edition looks at heroes and the battle in Somalia a few months after Eldon’s death (written about by Michael Bowden and portrayed in Black Hawk Down).  The piece profiled in the first part of the interview, Dan Klaidman’s  “Black Hawk Down’s Long Shadow” looks at the legacy of the battle in Mogadishu and the lives of the men who fought there. As he writes…

Today, thanks to Mark Bowden’s best-selling book Black Hawk Down, and a blockbuster movie of the same name, the battle is one of the best-known episodes in American military history. And like many pivotal historical events, it has, over time, acquired a number of meanings. To the public at large, the episode became synonymous with raw, almost inconceivably selfless battlefield bravery. The movie, coming right after 9/11, when Americans were rallying around their armed forces, was itself a cultural moment.


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