World Cup Madness: Trouble in Brazil

by Lawrence Overton

The country of Brazil has been selected to host the 2014 FIIFA World Cup Series. The Matches are set to begin on the 12th of June- 17:00 local time. To prepare for the festivities that will be soon hosted in this beautiful country, there have been plans for creating a brand new stadium in which the series will be held. However, the building of this new stadium brings corruption to a few Brazilian cities.

Two cities in particular that have been agitated by the construction include Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Outbursts of several different riots have occurred in the two cities within moments of knowing about the construction. These rioters refer to themselves as the Brazilian anti-World Cup Protestors.

The protestors are infuriated over the high cost of the stadium. It is said that billions of dollars are going to be spent on the upcoming soccer tournament. This information frustrates the people of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro because of the lack of concern the government is putting on things such as social projects and housing for the poor.

The problem of poor public services is not new to the country of Brazil. Just last June, more than a million people invaded the streets to take a stand against the expensive price of the stadium. They claim that the creation of this stadium is causing higher living expenses with the same living conditions. Though this year has less people, citizens continue to rally for what they believe in.

Even though there have been a few break outs and riots over the years about the cost, most protesters are peaceful. “Our goal is symbolic,” said Guilherme Boulos, the head of Homeless Workers Movement. “We don’t want to destroy or damage the stadium. What we want is more rights for workers to have access to housing and to show the effects the Cup has brought to the poor.”



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