News Perspectives throughout India

By Kelsey Soares


India is a very diverse country. It consists of 27 states and close to 1,000 different languages. Not only the language but the culture changes when you travel through different states in India. One important difference between the people of India is religion. According to the census done in 2001, Hinduism makes up 80.5% of Indians while Muslims make up 13.4%, and Christianity makes up 2.3% (census).

Media throughout India is not objective. There are Newspapers providing information from a very distinct point of view. Depending on a person’s religious beliefs they will read a specific Newspaper. We will talk about three different perspectives given in News today throughout India.

The most common perspective is obviously Hindu. The newspaper, The Hindu, started in 1878 as a weekly paper and then became a daily in 1889. The paper is still growing and now has a circulation of 15, 58,379 copies. The Hindu became, in 1995, the first Indian newspaper to offer an online edition. The headquarters are in the state of Chennai and has a readership of 2.2 million people. It is the largest base of newspaper circulation in southern India, and is the most wildly-read English daily newspaper in Kerala and Tamil Nadu (Hindu). This paper will provide the country with top stories including elections and basic events happening throughout India.

For the second largest group in India, Muslims turn to the Milli Gazette. Milli Gazette was launched in January 2000 and its e-paper was launched in 2008 (Milli).

Though it remains separate from mainstream media and is considered an alternative media it gets quoted by mainstream often. The Milli Gazette produces stories from a strictly Muslim point of view. There are many stories covering persecution and terrorism afflicted on the Muslim population.

Lastly, the Christian population in India are able to obtain news through a Christian perspective by viewing the Christian Today-India. Christian Today is an independent, inter-denominational, Christian media company which serves to provide direct, and current news information to the general Christian public. ChristianToday distributes religious news in English on a daily basis electronically to national, international and religious media, church leaders and organizations and to all who are interested. Christian Today has become international with papers throughout the world including India, Brazil, Japan and many more (Christian). Christians are a very small minority in India so it is important for them to hear about news regarding Christians in their country. They are also informed on many human rights issues as well regarding sex trafficking and issues like this.

Because India is so diverse, media is tricky. No two people believe the exact same thing. I believe it is important for the minorities in India to have a voice and to get their point of view across. I hope that the non-main stream media will continue growing and being accepted throughout India. This is just one more way India can embrace their diversity and hopefully thrive off of it.

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Indian Christians News online – Christian Today India Christian Today is the India’s largest online Christian news provider, with the latest in-depth reports. Christian news, Updated daily.
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