More Turkish Blood

by Lawrence Overton


A Turkish man who was shot in the head as police clashed with protesters in Istanbul has died of his injuries. The Turkish authorities say Ugur Kurt, 30, was not involved in the protests. Police used tear gas and water cannon and fired live bullets into the air to try to disperse a crowd angry at last week’s mining disaster that killed 300. Prime Minister Erdogan’s decade-long rule has come under pressure since nationwide anti-government protests broke out in Istanbul a year ago. The BBC’s Selin Girit says a picture of another wounded man lying in the street has gone viral on social networking sites in Turkey, with people posting the same word alongside it: “Enough.”


Disturbances began when a dozen protestors starting chanting slogans about a youth that previously died in clashes with the police and the Soma mine disaster that claimed 301 lives last week. Mr. Kurt was not apart of the protests. In fact he was reportedly attending a funeral that was taking place in a complex that was near the protest site. While Kurt was in the hospital being treated around 400 demonstrators staged a sit-in outside the hospital, chanting: “Murderer state has taken another life.”

It seems as though the state of Turkey can not out run its civil unrest as just this March a young boy of the age of 15 died after being in a coma for nine months due to injuries sustained during an anti-government rally in Okmeydani. With the death of yet another innocent civilian on top of the mine disaster it is evident that the state of Turkey is taking a step in the wrong direction towards winning back the support of its people.




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