Welcome to the Fall 2014 session of Global News and World Media Cultures

EMC/JOUR 4790 spans the globe as we look at news and media cultures around the world. Our blog started in 2011 and you’ll find lots of resources in our regular posts and on the blogroll. It’s also interesting to check out the blogroll resources and read the archives to see how constant media change is in our world today. We’ll talk and post about media theories, news services, world news and cultural news. You will post regularly as a member of a team and your blogs will be listed on a Fall 2014 blogroll.

Summer 2014  brought many intersections of news and media, some national and some international. In a recent NPR story, the CEO of Global Post talks about the beheading of James Foley, a reporter for the young international news organization. He talks about the fight to save Foley, why Foley chose to cover war, and the family’s wish that people not view the viral video of his beheading released by ISIS. Another story on the national stage this summer became international very quickly as this USA Today article illustrates as it discusses the power of social media in the events following the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.


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