Protests in Hong Kong:Instagram shut down and Chinese media tell a different story AND AN UPDATE

Update: Read this Verge article showing the limits of China’s attempts to block information on the Hong Kong protests.  The image below is from Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter look-alike.


The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) reports that Instagram has been shut down in China following largely peaceful protests in the streets of Hong Kong by democracy activists. Facebook, Twitter and other social media had already been blocked by the government.  Why do you think the government closed Instagram?  Another story in the same paper discusses the new memes of the “Umbrella Revolution.”


(Image from the Sydney Morning Herald)

And how has this evolving story been covered in China and other countries? Listen to the PRI World story detailing coverage outside China in contrast to the Xinhua coverage. And then read this interesting take on what’s happening in the Chinese media coverage.

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