Cultural changes and media in North Korea and China

As we talk about culture and cultural products around the world, here is a grouping of recent stories on two of the countries we have discussed.

North Korea
First, we often think about North Korea as very closed to any outside media. But The Guardian discusses a device (bought for less than 300 Chinese yuan and called a “notel” ) that lets North Korean residents listen to music, films and news despite governmental rules. But the devices must be registered.

A notel, pictured in The Guardian

A second article by NHK News looks at how North Korea’s songbun separates citizens and what may happen with the new leader, Kim Jong-Un, and possible reforms.

This first story from Public Radio International looks at “House of Cards” in the country. China is among the top five countries pirating shows, but third-party websites like SohuTV work with producers to stream the show. “House of Cards” is number one of the shows they stream, and it paints a dark picture of U.S. politics…some in Washington worry.

From SohuTV

A second story, on the Christian Science Monitor’s website, examines cultural changes. The Chinese government has announced it will impose standards and specifics for the dances many elderly females do in public places for exercise after younger generations complained about the noise.


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