Are photographs “the screams of the world?”

Across the last few months, many stories have brought up discussions on the power of images, from Baltimore to Charleston to Virginia and, of course, continually in reports of conflict in Syria and other international locations. But the image of the small Syrian boy washed ashore fundamentally shook journalists and many others, as you will read in examples below.

The New York Times article explains why activists think these brutal images must be seen.

Germany’s Bild tabloid, famous for running graphic photos and bold headlines, treated the story another way. Here, a Bild columnist explains to an English-speaking audience why the paper ran an empty space.

The Washington Post column reflects on journalists and how they think about such images in their own world views and why one journalist tweeted the photo.

An NPR story details how journalists needed to “stop and think” about the story, and how that shook up resulting media coverage.

Have images shaken your world lately? What stories concern you the most?


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