In the news

An interesting read on bias in reporting on the shooting in Las Vegas

CNN on the mass shooting

More on Puerto Rico.  How do you think our national media are doing? International media?

And on a completely different topic as we discuss authoritarian governments.

We haven’t talked about Equatorial Guinea, a small African country, so this
story of the arrest of a cartoonist is a really interesting read of art in the service of social justice.






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In the news (and a sidebar on culture)

You will be well aware of the march of natural disasters occurring this year. Take a look at these stories:

El Nuevo Dia is covering Hurricane Maria’s approach and landing from its headquarters on the island.

And two stories from very different media outlets cover social media’s posts on the massive earthquake in Mexico City.

TelesurTV shares posts on the earthquake as does Business Insider.


And a sidebar:

With the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, today, here is PRI’s look at a Jewish folk song and hybridity in a Japanese video game.

Andto answer a question in class about Dubai’s government.

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Some stories in the news

A Quartz story puts what happened in natural disasters in August into perspective as
floods in Africa in August killed 25 times more people than Hurricane Harvey did.

Public Radio International story reports on the dangers faced by journalists who speak out– in this case, in India.

And check out, an interesting site with many good longer reads…and read about a newspaper done by refugees for refugees in six different languages.


An addition on Sept. 13

The Poynter Institute is located in Florida and posted this collection of front pages following Hurricane Irma.



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Welcome to Global News Fall 2017

This semester, we will use the blog for links to interesting stories related to our class, and for the interesting stories you would like to share.  For today, September 6, I have several links to share related to class:

On how we cover the news in our country and elsewhere:

It’s not just Harvey: Deadly floods wreak havoc around the world from CNN and South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children out of school from The Guardian

On languages:

Fascinating maps reveal each country’s surprising second language from Insider

and the cost of living from Inside

And on DACA, from the New York Times:

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War Stories: Remembering the Embed Experience (and another opportunity)



March30 copy

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Kayapo performance and Lecture


We’ll see the last fifteen minutes of the performance before starting class tomorrow. You can attend the lecture and screenings on Wednesday for 10extra credit points (with a two-page reaction paper).

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Wired’s News in Crisis Series

Read the story of Macedonian teens who manufactured fake news and learn how traditional news is still strong on the media landscape. Look at Wired Magazine’s special series on “News in Crisis.

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